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Despite all of these little annoyances, and despite all of my bitching, there were a couple of bright spots that, for just a few minutes, made me forget that I was surrounded by people who probably believed that Kane and the Undertaker are actually related.  As has been documented all over the internet by now and as you may have already seen on TV, Larry Destiny as well as our current Tag Team champions, Tyson Dux & El Tornado, all had matches at the tapings.  I've been there to witness BCW competitors in WWE rings before, but every time it happens, you feel a weird sense of pride that I can't describe.  I also kind of like making the people around me wonder why the hell I care more about a couple of guys whose names they couldn't make out, than I do about the main event.  Although I cringed just about every time it looked like someone MIGHT hit their head, I was thrilled to be watching them display their abilities before such a huge crowd.  I even managed to laugh when little Damien behind me yelled, quite assuredly, that "TYSON DUX SUCKS."

Credit: Ace Reporter

when Edge and Christian went to the WWF, I managed Otis Apollo, Bobby Clancy, the Canadian Destroyer, Chris Pillon, Professor Maxwell, Larry Destiny. And right now, actually, we have a little angle going in Michigan, called the CIA, Canadian Imperial Alliance, consisting of Larry Destiny, Tommy Wonder and Chris Vanity, which is going really well right now."

"Hopefully, this CIA gimmick goes well, I'm working on trying to get Larry Destiny some major work with a major company right now," Kavanaugh says about the future. "We're hoping that he makes it big.
Credit:  Jeffrey Scott article

"I'd have to say that some of my best matches have been against Larry Destiny. We've worked a few times and always (had) five-star matches."

Credit: 'Old School' in for Danny Steele

Anonymous: who in your opinion are the top ontario indy workers and indy fed in Ontario?

Dan "The Mouth" Lovranski: Picking the top indy fed is tough because they never seem to last very long. As far as indy performers I like, the Hollywood Hunks, Sexy Baby Jamie Jackson and the Custom Made Man. They have great matches with teams like Ebony Express, who are another great team. I also like Tornado and Larry Destiny too. And when it comes to Hardcore wrestling, you can't beat Bloody Bill Skullion or Notorious TID.

Credit:  Dan "The Mouth" Lovranski chat

hogan: Who are some of the stars of Ontario independent wrestling to look for in the future?

Wrestling Staff: Greg Oliver: It's getting tougher and tougher to get noticed. Developmental deals are drying up. Still, Larry Destiny down in Windsor is great, and has had a couple of tryouts with the WWF -- but he also has a real job, which is essential for any indy wrestler.

Credit:  Slam! wrestling staff chat